How to file for a Part 107 waiver: 4 easy steps

How to file for a Part 107 waiver: 4 easy steps

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The original Part 107 waiver and authorization is now split into two separate request forms, so if you have requested for a waiver previously, the process may be different for you this time. One of the parts is for airspace waiver/authorization requests and the other for non-airspace requests. If you, as a drone operator, need both parts of the waiver you will now need to submit each form separately.

To file a waiver for Part 107 regulations follow these 4 easy steps:


Determine the type of Part 107 waiver you need. You must determine which regulation(s) you need waived and select only the ones you need to complete your operation.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Part 107 regulations, so you can make an accurate request. The following regulations are subject to waiver:

  • Operation from a moving vehicle or aircraft (§ 107.25)*
  • Daylight operation (§ 107.29)
  • Visual line of sight aircraft operation (§ 107.31)*
  • Visual observer (§ 107.33)
  • Operation of multiple small unmanned aircraft systems (§ 107.35)
  • Yielding the right of way (§ 107.37(a))
  • Operation over people (§ 107.39)
  • Operation in certain airspace (§ 107.41)
  • Operating limitations for small unmanned aircraft (§ 107.51)


If you need a non-airspace waiver, you will need to apply for a Part 107 waiver.

If you need to fly in controlled airspace, you will need to apply for an airspace authorization waiver.


Once you have verified that your application includes all the necessary information, submit your application to the FAA. If upon submission, the FAA requests any supporting documentation, you must submit it within 7 days of the request, or your waiver request will be canceled.


If your request is denied for a Part 107 waiver or airspace waiver/authorization request you will be notified by email. Some common reasons for denial are incomplete information, failure to respond to requests for additional information, or lack of adequate safety explanation.

If your request is granted, you will also receive an email verifying that your request has been processed and granted. Additionally, all non-airspace Part 107 waivers are published on the FAA’s Part 107 Waivers Granted webpage.

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