Professional Drone Pilots helping out in Houston

In the wake of one of the worst hurricanes the state of Texas has ever seen, drones have been taking to the sky by the dozens. Commercial UAV pilots and their businesses have seen a boom in the last few days for their surveying capabilities. Oil and gas companies as well as the Union Pacific Railroad, have taken to the skies via drone to inspect flooded and hard to reach areas. While pilots comb the skies collecting data, these companies are analyzing footage back at HQ through live feeds.

Pilots in southwest Texas have also been called upon to assess damage to roads, bridges, and water treatment plants to help their communities recover as fast as possible. Other local governments and agencies, including fire departments and state environmental quality officials have worked side by side with drone operators to identify and analyze drainage problems and flood damage. Meanwhile, insurance companies have been utilizing their drones to verify claims for their customers. Once again, these drones are helping the Houston area recover with unmatched speed.

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