What Everybody Ought to Know About Drones

What Everybody Ought to Know About Commercial Drones

  1. Drones can map the world with unmatched precision. 

Drones give business owners the opportunity to survey and map terrain in all kinds of environments with accuracy that can’t even be matched by satellites. In what takes a full day of flights in a manned aircraft plus countless hours of rendering, a drone can survey and create a stunning 3D model with more details than possible by plane in just 3 hours.

Drones could be used in the future to map the entire globe with extreme detail. It would be like Google Earth on steroids.

2. Drones can save lives.

In recent years, drone pilots have been using their drones in remarkable ways. There are currently a number of public safety organizations embracing drone technology including the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, the Red Cross, and the New York City Fire Department.

A recent poll from Monmouth University found that a whopping 83% of Americans supported drone use for Search & Rescue Operations.


3. They are even helping save endangered species.

Illegal poaching is a massive global industry, that has led to many species being labeled endangered or even extinct. Conservationists armed with only an iPad and a $300 drone are monitoring the skies over Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Google also donated $5 million to the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) drone initiative. In the two years since the WWF began its drone program in Nepal, only 2 endangered rhinos have been killed, compared to roughly 1 rhino killed each month before the program started.

4. Drones can even deliver your favorite pizza. 

Ever since a UK Domino’s released a video of its drone named the “DomiCopter” delivering pizzas back in 2013, the company has been taking steps to make our pizza delivery dreams become reality. Domino’s New Zealand has partnered with drone delivery company Flirtey to help get the program off the ground.

dominos drone.jpeg

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